If you were looking for Baylor to get hit with penalties and sanctions much like what Penn State was slapped with in the Jerry Sandusky case, you’re going to be disappointed.

The Wall Street Journal reports the NCAA, “has notified Baylor that it won’t exert its executive authority to impose sweeping sanctions against the school for broad institutional failings” and they, “will instead follow its normal investigative process.”

WSJ also claims that Baylor is cooperating with the investigation, which is honing in on players receiving preferential treatment surrounding discipline, which could technically be construed as impermissible benefits, which of course the NCAA doesn’t allow. That would lead to sanctions, but more like normal NCAA sanctions rather than the Penn State, just one step shy of the death penalty, package.

In late October, the paper reported that 17 women stepped forward to report sexual or domestic assault incidents involving 19 football players since 2011. Baylor is currently under a Title IX investigation, and the victims of the sexual and domestic assaults have filed a few civil lawsuits against the school as well.

Certainly an Election Day news dump, but big news for those who were hoping Baylor would be punished in the same way Penn State was, which seems now to be unlikely.

[WSJ via CollegeFootballTalk]

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