Rick Pitino is entering the podcast game, but first, he might need to be explained what a podcast is.

The Louisville head coach admitted in a press conference Tuesday that he was asked to appear on John Calipari’s podcast the “Cal Cast.” He agreed to appear, but after talking with Calipari, Pitino had to ask “what’s a podcast?”

“To tell you the truth it was quite funny because prior to that when I hung up the phone when he texted me and said he was doing a podcast with Coach K and Charles Barkley and having some fun with it, and he’d like to have me do it. I just texted back ‘sure,’ and immediately went to Jordan Sucher, who works with me, and said ‘what actually is a podcast? Do you go on TV? Do I have to dress up for this?’ I had no idea… I’ve heard it many, many times, but didn’t know what it was.”

So Pitino’s never heard Comedy Bang Bang? or This American Life? Not even Serial? Damn, he’s missing out.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when Sucher explained to Pitino what a podcast was. What’s the over/under Pitino responded with “so, it’s the radio?” I’m taking the over.

It is great to see the usually hostile coaches get together and talk shop. As Matt Jones suggests, it might prove anything is possible.

[Image via Brian Bennett/ESPN]

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