Rodrigo Blankenship made a strange XP for Georgia against Tennessee.

Extra points often feel routine, but one Georgia junior kicker Rodrigo Blankenship hit against Tennessee Saturday was anything but. The holder got the ball out late after a bobble on the snap, and Blankenship almost ran past the ball before it was placed. But he was able to stop, hop backwards, and then hit the ball through the uprights (barely over the bar) with next to no run-up.

At the time this happened, a missed extra point might not have been disastrous for Georgia; this made it 24-0 instead of 23-0, and they were still up 24-6 with five minutes left in the third quarter. But if this winds up being a close game (doubtful given how Tennessee has played so far, but you never know), that move from Blankenship could be vital. In any case, he kept his perfect career mark on extra points alive, and he turned what looked like a potential blooper into a neat highlight.

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