Rutgers Evan Simon Sep 3, 2022; Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA; Rutgers Scarlet Knights quarterback Evan Simon (3) passes the ball during the first half against the Boston College Eagles at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of the college football season is used by many teams to figure out how they will use their roster for the rest of the season, but it appears that the Rutgers Scarlet Knights have quite a bit to figure out at their quarterback position moving forward.

Rutgers started their opening drive in their debut game against Boston College by using a bizarre strategy at quarterback, using three different quarterbacks on their first drive of the game.

The team started with a run from Johnny Langan, a player listed as a tight end, who came out in the quarterback position for the first play of the game.

They then switched to quarterback Gavin Wimsett for the second play, and then finally made the move to Evan Simon at quarterback for their third play of the drive.

As many could have predicted, the drive resulted in a three-and-out and the Scarlet Knights were forced to punt, and this drive had many questioning Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano.

An already strange start got even weirder when the team was forced to punt in the first half on a 4th-and-goal opportunity, something that is rarely ever seen at any level of football.

There is a saying that if you have two quarterbacks, you have none, and for Rutgers they apparently have three that they are deciding between as their starting quarterback.

After winning only five games last season, there are clearly some questions that need to be answered moving forward for Rutgers, which has resulted in a very weird start to the season for the program,

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