Good heavens, Saquon Barkley is out here just singlehandedly keeping Penn State on top of Iowa in Iowa City. As Penn State leads by two late in the fourt quarter, Barkley has 211 rushing yards and a score on 28 carries, adding 72 receiving yards on 9 catches. Essentially 300 of Penn State’s 500 or so total yards of offense. It’s nuts.

Here’s a play that is somehow representative of his evening, as opposed to being an outlier highlight that most mortals couldn’t dream of replicating:

I mean…come on. First, his hurdle was about 5 feet clear of the tackler. He then simply absorbs the contact of the second would-be tackler, using that kinetic energy to right himself before finishing the play and gaining a big first down. What a player.

Still, Penn State is in a battle on the road in Iowa in what’s been as fun of an ugly game as you can hope for, all things considered, with Iowa driving late for a chance to win.

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