Oct 30, 2021; Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Scott Frost reacts after an interception by the Purdue Boilermakers during the fourth quarter at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA announced Monday morning that Scott Frost and the Nebraska Cornhuskers football program had been punished over various violations and infractions.

Because he “violated countable coaches rules,” Frost has been hit with a one-year show-cause order and a five-day suspension during the “championship segment” of the season.

The university, football head coach, and NCAA enforcement staff agreed that a former football special teams analyst provided technical or tactical instruction to student-athletes during practices and film sessions,” said the NCAA. “He also assisted in tactical decisions during games. Because he was a noncoaching staff member, his instruction of student-athletes caused the program to exceed the number of permissible coaches in violation of NCAA rules.

“According to the agreement, while the head coach did address concerns about the analyst’s instruction of student-athletes with the analyst directly, he did not appropriately monitor the analyst or notify compliance staff that violations had occurred. As a result, the football head coach violated head coach responsibility rules.”

Frost’s full punishment includes a one-year extension to the current probationary period, a $10,000 fine, a one-year show-cause order for the football head coach, plus, a five-day suspension from all coaching duties during the championship segment of the 2022 football season, a reduction of the number of football countable coaches by one for two days of practice during the spring 2022 season, and all noncoaching staff members are to be removed from practice and competition for five consecutive days during the championship segment of the 2022 season.

Ultimately this is more about a message being sent than a sizable punishment that will impact Nebraska football. However, given that the Huskers are 15-29 in four seasons under Frost and have failed to reclaim any of the program’s former glory, it’s just the latest in a long line of indignities for the once-proud powerhouse.

The news also generated some interesting responses from around the college football world, especially those who noted that getting caught cheating while also losing most of your games just feels like its own form of punishment.


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