Add Arizona coach Sean Miller to the growing group of detractors to court storming in college basketball.

The No. 9 Wildcats stumbled against Colorado Wednesday night, losing 75-72, and Colorado fans celebrated the home team’s victory by storming the court.

The storming did not sit well with Miller who went on a diatribe against court storming in his post game press conference.

Miller also made the distinction that it his program bearing brunt of the court storms in Pac-12 play thanks to Arizona’s regular success and high ranking. He said he is not against the concept in general, but that there should be steps taken to get players and coaches off the court first. In any event, Miller did not mince words when asked about Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott’s actions in response to his previous complaints.

The issue of court storming took center stage earlier this year when journalist Randy Peterson broke his leg during the mayhem following Iowa State’s last-second victory over in-state rival Iowa.

There have been many calls for the banning of court storms for safety reasons, but it is tough to find a consistent, workable solution. There is firsthand evidence that letting stadium security keep fans from rushing the field of play does not necessarily work out well either.

It may take a truly tragic event to get real change adopted regarding court storming, but what exactly that change may be remains unclear.

[Photo: ESPN]

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