K.J. Costello with a dual-pass attempt against Arizona.

Stanford Cardinal quarterback K.J. Costello is having a nice day overall against Arizona, but he got flagged for an unusual penalty at one point; an illegal forward pass, which came after he caught a batted pass and then threw the ball again. Here’s the play in question:

As the announcers note there, that’s an illegal forward pass. As per the NCAA rulebook, one of the criteria for an illegal forward pass call is “if it is the second forward pass during the same down.” And this clearly was that. And it went down as a reception for Costello for -12 yards. Still, it was one of very few mistakes he made on the day, and he also tossed some beautiful passes:

Through three quarters, Costello (who had previously been out with a thumb injury since a Sept. 21 loss to Oregon) had completed 27 of 37 passes for 271 yards and three touchdowns, and Stanford was up 38-31. So trying to throw two passes on the same play didn’t hurt them all that much in the end, but it was pretty funny.


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