It doesn’t take long after a sports season ends before the next season odds are revealed showing who has the best chance to be champion. In the case of college football, we already have odds for the 2019 National Championship and surprise surprise (sarcasm), the new champions are the favorites.

According to ESPN and the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, the Alabama Crimson Tide is the odds-on favorite to repeat at 3-1 odds. Unless a champion is a complete underdog, the defending national champion is typically the initial favorite. It makes sense in that much of the money will be placed on them as the proven champs and considering they found lightning in a bottle in Freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama is definitely going to be a smart choice.

But if you feel like straying away from the status quo and looking for someone to unseat the champs, the runner-up Georgia Bulldogs sit as the second favorite at 9-2 odds. And then Clemson 6-1 and Ohio State 8-1 are the only teams in single digit odds. Michigan at 10-1 may be too low but because of the Harbaugh hype, it’s smart to keep it low because money will go there and Vegas covers their butts in case they actually win the title.

After Penn State at 12-1, there is a huge jump to the rest, starting with Wisconsin, Miami, Texas and Auburn at 25-1. One team who isn’t listed yet is the other “National Champion” UCF. The undefeated Florida team defeated Auburn in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl and claimed themselves “National Champions.” I definitely wouldn’t make them favorites but certainly giving them 25-1 odds would be a fair shout.

There is definitely a long way to go between now and January 7 when the National Championship will be decided. But if you can find a potential edge and feel a team is worth putting a couple bucks on, no time like the present. Although, if I was betting, I don’t over think it, go with Alabama. 3-1 odds may not be the best return but you can’t go wrong with the Crimson Tide so take what you can get.


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