On Thursday night, Texas Christian University pulled off a fantastic 18-point comeback to defeat Stanford and win the Alamo Bowl 39-37. After the loss, Stanford players walked across the field to shake hands with their Horned Frog counterparts and congratulate them on the win.

In the midst of all of this, Heisman trophy finalist Bryce Love was asked to take a selfie.

The young man who asked Love for the selfie was originally wearing a TCU top only to take it off and sport a Cardinal shirt underneath.

That’s honestly impressive and smart planning by Coleman. Understandably though, the young fan was ripped for pulling off the stunt with Love after Stanford’s loss. His rationale does make it a little better though.

Maybe this will help the young fan get into the top school in California too.

After this incident took the Internet by storm, Scott Van Pelt commented on the controversial selfie.

Despite SVP basically saying the stunt was silly and stupid, he did describe Coleman’s plan in detail without even talking to the young man.

I can’t shame the kid. He had the guts to run on the field after the game and ask the Heisman finalist for a selfie moments after taking off a TCU sweater. I know I couldn’t do that.

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