If you’re not working during this time, you probably have come up with ways to stay busy. Some have binge watched various online shows while others have probably binged on other things while in quarantine. Some people are keeping themselves busy by doing things they wouldn’t be able to normally do and that’s what TCU football head coach Gary Patterson is doing.

According to ESPN, Patterson is spending a rare form of downtime by making an album. You read that right, Patterson revealed that he “used to write music” and after collaborating with an unnamed person within the music industry, his songs are going to be recorded.

Patterson kept his cards close to the vest but he told reporters that it’s been a bit of a lifelong dream. The TCU coach noted that he’s “written about 15 songs” over the past 30 years and the collaborator modernized some of his lyrics to record. Patterson isn’t the first sports figure to tap into music while the sports world has been on break. Pirates pitcher Steven Brault released an album of him singing various Broadway showtunes.

As far as his thoughts on when the college football season might begin, Patterson admitted his “optimism is very high” by saying there will be a season but he noted that they’ll need to rely on “the higher ups” in government and that “more testing is necessary to ensure that it’s safe enough for players to resume team activities.” Given some other college coaches takes on the COVID-19 pandemic, Patterson might feel he’s optimistic but he seemed rather level-headed in his response.


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