On Saturday, we saw a lot more of University of Tennessee pitcher Ben Joyce and his record-setting fastball than we had in his previous outings.

Until Saturday, Joyce was used exclusively out of the bullpen. But in Saturday’s game against Georgia, Tennessee gave Joyce his first collegiate start. As a reliever, Joyce had never had to worry too much about his pitch count or pacing himself. Starting is a different animal. Having to throw more pitches over multiple innings, would Joyce’s fastball suffer? Not so much.

And it didn’t stop there. In addition to his overwhelming speed, Jones also showed off some top-tier location.

With that kind of command, even if the hitter had offered at the pitch and made contact, the ball wasn’t going anywhere.

Joyce showed something else on Saturday. While his triple-digit fastball is an absolute weapon, it’s not the only pitch he has in his arsenal.

As was the case with his record-breaking fastball, Joyce’s outing had the college baseball world talking.

In four innings of work, Joyce allowed three runs, surrendered three hits, walked two hitters and struck out six. Of the three hits he allowed, two were home runs. So, he has some things to improve upon.

But that kind of fastball can’t be taught. Throwing that fast and showing off that kind of command, Joyce is well ahead of the curve.

[Tennessee Baseball, Rob Friedman]

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