Jalen Hurd

Originally only a report, it’s now been confirmed by Tennessee Volunteers head coach Butch Jones – Jalen Hurd is going to transfer.

Hurd has been a bright spot on a Tennessee team that has been looking for consistency in the middle of a season filled with inconsistencies. Jones has been using a lot of zone read with Hurd since they have a mobile quarterback in Josh Dobbs. Hurd understandably has been upset due to his usage, and wanted to be used in a more traditional fashion.

He doesn’t want to deal with running back usage apparently, as he also made known that he wants to change positions. He would either switch to wide receiver or tight end once he transfers.

As Butch Jones came in, the team had a lot of high expectations. After a 5-0 start, the Volunteers now stand at 5-3, and more questions are being raised about Jones’ coaching prowess. High profile transfers are never a good look for anyone, regardless of the coach. One that is even willing to switch positions so he can feel more comfortable is going to raise even more eyebrows.

To make matters worse, Jonathan Kongbo, one of their sophomore defensive ends, sent out a cryptic tweet on Sunday afternoon, leading many to think he was the next out the door.

It was clarified today during the same Butch Jones press conference that Kongbo’s tweet was about a game of FIFA, not his status as a Division 1 athlete.

No one knows what exactly is happening in Knoxville, and it is making for quite the entertaining spectacle…unless you’re a Vol for life, of course.

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