Former Tennessee Volunteers head football coach Jeremy Pruitt has put the program in some serious trouble as the school has received a notice of major allegations from the NCAA.

According to documents obtained by Sports Illustrated, Pruitt, his wife, and multiple Tennessee football staff members provided a total of about $60,000 in impermissible benefits to more than two dozen college football recruits and their families over a three-year period.

The NCAA notified Tennessee of 18 separate allegations of recruiting misconduct from Pruitt and his staff between September of 2018 through the COVID-19 recruiting dead period of 2020. All 18 of the allegations are Level I, which is considered the most severe of the NCAA’s infractions.

The documents reveal that Pruitt directly provided several recruits with lodging, meals, transportation, household goods, and even furniture that totaled $12,000. Pruitt also made cash payments of $3,000 and $6,000 to two recruits’ mothers to assist in medical bills and as a downpayment for a vehicle.

The news dropped on Friday afternoon, catching much of the college football world by surprise as they took to social media to offer their thoughts on the situation.

Though the infractions were numerous and severe, Tennessee was not given the most severe “lack of institutional control” judgment from the NCAA, mostly because of its transparency and assistance throughout the NCAA’s investigative process.

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