Appalachian State stunned Texas A&M on Saturday.

If you’re a team with national championship hopes coming into a season, there may not be anything scarier than seeing Appalachian State on the schedule. Michigan found that out the hard way in 2007 and 15 years later the same thing happened to Texas A&M.

The Mountaineers and Aggies exchanged touchdowns in the second quarter, with Appalachian State scoring first and Texas A&M quickly responding. The same thing happened again one quarter later.

After the Mountaineers retook the lead with a field goal in the fourth quarter, the Aggies got themselves in a position to tie the game. But a 47-yard field goal attempt from Caden Davis missed badly.

With that, Appalachian State took over with a chance to salt the game away. That’s exactly what happened. A 48-yard run from running back Camerun Peoples put the Mountaineers in position to run out the clock. And while Appalachian State quarterback Chase Brice did have to kill some time on the final play to ensure that the clock ran out, he was up to the task.

The college football world reacted to the shocking upset.

Between the Mountaineers and Marshall, who had a massive upset victory against Notre Dame, it was a great (and exceptionally rare) day for Group of 5 teams against power programs.

It’s also important to note what happened to Appalachian State just one week ago. In their first game, the Mountaineers scored 61 points against North Carolina — and still lost. One week later, the same team that surrendered 63 points to the Tar Heels allowed only one offensive touchdown to the Aggies.

Appalachian State certainly deserves to be taken seriously. That said, this was a surprising win.

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