Jimbo Fisher Photo: Texas A&M Athletics

Every decade and a half or so, a college football program that fancies itself among the nation’s elite makes the mistake of welcoming Appalachian State in September.

In 2007, it was the Michigan Wolverines losing to the Mountaineers in a famous upset. Last Saturday it was the Texas A&M Aggies, complete with their $75 million man Jimbo Fisher at the helm, failing to ever lead en route to a 17-14 loss to App State.

The loss was bad enough, but afterward, a video surfaced of A&M’s famous yell practice from the night before the game where the student leaders said some slanderous things about the university in Boone, NC.

As the video started making the rounds around the internet, a funny thing started to happen: The clips were getting taken down. Texas A&M was filing DMCA violations to make a copyright claim and remove the clips from the internet. As it’s been taken down, more people continue to put it back up.

Maybe if A&M hadn’t paid App State $1.5 million for the privilege of beating them at Kyle Field, they’d have a few extra dollars to afford a higher-quality social media team.

Either way, around the world of college football, people took notice of A&M’s comical display of trying to put out this fire with a watering can.

Of course, Texas A&M could simply delete the yell practice video and cut all of this off but, as of publishing, it is still up in full 1080p for all to gawk at. In fact, you can watch it below.

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