HOUSTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 05: Texas A&M Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin waits near the sidelne in the second half of their game against the Arizona State Sun Devils during the Advocare Texas Kickoff at NRG Stadium on September 5, 2015 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

If you gave up on the UCLA-Texas A&M game last night, it’s hard to blame you. It was partway through a holiday weekend, it was late, and the Aggies at one point led 44-10. But you did miss one incredible comeback, culminating in UCLA’s Josh Rosen executing a fake spike/fade route combination for the winning score.

And while that’s incredible for UCLA fans, and nearly as fun for the neutral audience, from a Texas A&M perspective, it hurts pretty badly. And if you’re Tony Buzbee, member of the school’s Board of Regents, you reached for Facebook and fired off a lengthy rant calling for Sumlin’s firing:


First of all, according to his Board of Regents biography he was appointed in 2013, which isn’t really close to seven years. But hey, when you’re calling for a coach’s head, sometimes that kind of math goes out the window. Whether or not Sumlin actually does get fired (and it seems unlikely, for many reasons; not least being the interesting buyout language in his deal), that kind of loss is one that stings.

And though it’s hard to say what kind of purview the regents have in cases like these, it’s fair to assume that if one regent is mad enough to fire off a social media screed, there’s plenty of people in power there who share his views.

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