Remember that guy in high school whose favorite teams were the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame football, and Duke basketball? Everybody went to high school with that guy. What an asshole, right? Well, it looks like today is the day he’s been dreaming about his entire life.

Notre Dame has unveiled their special Shamrock Series uniform for their upcoming game at Yankee Stadium against Syracuse and it’s a doozy. They’ve gone ahead and put Yankee pinstripes on the sleeves.

Did Notre Dame just refer to themselves as a “brand?” Gross.

Can you imagine what that guy from high school was feeling as he watched a Notre Dame football player walk around Yankee Stadium in that video before eventually seeing this monstrosity in all its “glory?”

Not only are the sleeves pinstriped but the cursive Notre Dame name on the chest matches the cursive Yankees font. Barf.

Thankfully, Twitter isn’t entirely dead yet and got quickly to work doing what it’s here to do: mock relentlessly.

We’ll all have to deal with this on Nov. 17 when the Irish and Orange tangle on the wonky looking field inside a baseball stadium in the Bronx. Notre Dame is 17-6-3 (.712) all-time at Yankee Stadium, including a 2-0 mark in the new version. So expect to hear a lot more about what happens when these great “brands” get together.

As for the Syracuse Orange, perhaps they’ll do something crazy with their uniform as well, like, actually wear orange.

[Notre Dame]

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