If you found yourself upset that tonight’s championship game did not provide any Alabama schadenfreude, we have some unexpected good news for you there. Despite doing a hell of a job this year breaking in a new QB and replacing Amari Cooper, Alabama didn’t seem to deem Lane Kiffin important enough to bring back with them from the stadium. Even better, ESPN somehow caught this situation live as they cut back and forth between the Alabama motorcade driving away and Kiffin walking towards the buses leisurely doing an interview with Bruce Feldman.

The production truck is CLEARLY on their A game and I would imagine quite giddy as they bounce back and forth from the motorcade and the shots of Kiffin.

No way they leave him behind right? I mean he has to be getting close to the buses you would think.

There are a couple great moments of gold in this second clip below the first being when Kiffin looks behind him 14 seconds into the video thinking he’ll see others from the Alabama traveling group behind him and that he’s not indeed the last person to the buses and about to be left behind. The second is the amazing whistle he gives before yelling out in desperation for the last bus to be held for him.

ESPN cut away from this amazing dessert of a story from the game but Feldman filled us in on its conclusion.

Now this has happened before. My sophomore year the JV bus left without me as I was getting post game treatment from a trainer. The difference there being it was a JV football team with one bus, we had lost, and nobody cared about this incident whatsoever. Also I don’t wear visors.

It’s pretty funny considering this maybe the last image you have of Kiffin at Alabama as he may garner some interest for a coaching position elsewhere (NFL coordinator or if any NCAA head coaching jobs open up late). You have to wonder if Kiffin had his next job in mind as he seemed to be focused on media appearances rather than being on Nick Sabam time for which there are NO exceptions apparently.



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