usf-south florida football-birmingham bowl

The University of South Florida football team had a very nice season this fall, going 9-2 and nearly beating in-state rival UCF to reach the American Athletic Conference championship game.

The Bulls’ reward? A bowl game that doesn’t even know their school’s name.

As pointed out by Reddit CFB, the Birmingham Bowl’s official gear for USF misidentifies the school as “South Florida University.” As of about 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, the erroneous t-shirts and sweatshirts remain on the bowl’s website, right next to other memorabilia that gets the name right.

It’s not uncommon to see schools misnamed in this way (University of Syracuse, Notre Dame University, etc.), but the mistakes typically come from teenage recruits or casual fans, not bowl games that have actively selected the school whose name they can’t keep straight.

We’re guessing sales for these shirts probably won’t be great. After all, if you care enough about USF to want some Birmingham Bowl gear, you probably won’t drop $25 on something with the wrong name. And if you don’t know enough about USF to recognize that mistake, you’re probably not in the market for a t-shirt anyway.

Shirts aside, USF will face Texas Tech in the Birmingham Bowl on December 23. South Florida University will not be in the building.

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