Maryland has obviously had a ridiculously bad (and tragic) year off the field, which we’ve covered extensively. Today, they’re having a pretty bad day on the field, too, and while that pales in comparison to the seriousness of the rest of the conversation around the program, it is still worth discussing.

Michigan State is handing it to Maryland in East Lansing, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise given the week the Maryland players have had. But for a moment, it looked like Maryland was in position to make a good stop and come away with some decent field position. Then it looked like they were going to get much more than that!

Here’s the play:

The best part, as represented in the image above, is that only a few people had any idea what had just happened. Most of the players are standing around or jawing, while a small group at the back of the end zone scrambled for the ball.

That’s just about the worst way to end up losing four yards and a first down. But wait! There’s more! Here’s the very next play from scrimmage, as the broadcast is still finishing up the replays of the end zone recovery:

In the span of two plays, Maryland went from forcing a three-and-out to scoring their own touchdown to fumbling and giving Michigan State a touchback to allowing an 80-yard touchdown run.

It’s hard to have a swing that large in a time span that short, but it was certainly entertaining.

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