It’s not exactly on the level of Tom Brady’s court sketch or Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue bust or Brandi Chastain’s statue bust but the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery recently unveiled a portrait of former Tennessee Titans legend Eddie George that didn’t really look like Eddie George.

I’m not sure who this is but this sure doesn’t look like Eddie George. My first thought was this was George if he was 20 years older. Social media had similar ideas and we got some unique reactions.

The portrait was done by renowned artist Everett Raymond Kinstler and looking through his history, the man has some credentials. Kinstler painted portraits of thousands of top people for over 60 years including eight U.S. Presidents. So it’s clear that Mr. Kinstler is certainly more qualified to paint Eddie George’s portrait than I am. But this seems a rare miss.

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  1. when does Austin Kutcher come out to let Eddie know he is being punked? LOL. Go Bucks!

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