Like so many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, Marco Regalado found himself in need of new hobbies and activities to stay busy and entertained. And, like so many, he turned to social media to make it happen. While going viral was probably the only hopeful outcome at the time, he almost certainly couldn’t have guessed it would end with a new job on the Washington State football coaching staff.

Regalado made waves last April when, early in the pandemic, he went viral with a series of videos depicting the big and little quirks that make up the world of football coaches. Anything that a fellow coach or longtime player would instantly recognize and be able to laugh about.

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He also expanded his repertoire beyond the head coach into all the other people who make up a coaching staff.

At the time, Regalado was special teams coordinator, linebackers coach, recruiting coordinator, and powerlifting coach at Memorial High School in Texas. However, as his social media clout grew, his job prospects grew with it. He left that spot for a position as an assistant at Eaton High School in Texas and, last week, he was officially hired to Nick Rolovich’s staff at Washington State.

Naturally, he announced the move through a social media video.

Some may wonder why a guy mostly known for making TikTok videos is now a D1 assistant but anyone who knows anything about recruiting can tell you the importance of understanding social media and how to harness it. It’s practically a requirement of the modern recruiting game. So it’s no surprise that he’s going to be recruiting assistant.

We’ll all be keeping an eye on WSU’s social media output in the coming months and keeping an eye out for what Regalado can parlay this modern skill into next.

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