Andre Ware (L) and Taylor Zarzour were among those questioning Music City Bowl calls.

The Northwestern Wildcats and Kentucky Wildcats were duking it out Friday (sadly, for the Music City Bowl trophy rather than the rights to be the One True Wildcats), but it’s the officials who really took the spotlight. The Pac-12 officiating crew made a number of questionable calls, starting with an ejection of star Kentucky running back Benny Snell for… declining an official’s hand up?

That one got lit up by Twitter:

And by ESPN’s Tim Tebow and Booger McFarland at halftime:

However, the officiating follies were just getting started. Not long after that, Kentucky quarterback Stephen Johnson took what looked like a late hit out of bounds, but Kentucky wound up with the only assessed penalty… for arguing.

And just before the half, star Northwestern linebacker Paddy Fisher was ejected on one of the weakest targeting calls you’ll ever see:

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald was decidedly unimpressed:

And ESPN color commentator Andre Ware (seen above with Taylor Zarzour) went in on both ejections after the halftime break:

The second half saw plenty of zaniness, but less obviously terrible calls. However, there was still plenty of criticism of the officials:

That should be an interesting pool report indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Tim Tebow, Andre Ware and Pat Fitzgerald blast weird, “worst… in the history of college football” calls in Music City Bowl

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of PAC-12 officials. As the saying goes, I’m amazed, but not surprised.

  2. The people who officiated the Music CIty Bowl should never be allowed to officiate another NCAA game (yet alone a bowl game) of any kind in their lifetimes. One of the single worst officiating games I ever saw in my lifetime. What do we expect from a group of west coast officials. They are probably all liberals – who are never really ever liberal at all. These guys give officiating a very bad name.

    1. They were unquestionably crummy officials who couldn’t find their ass with both hands. The only possible conclusion is that they all voted for Trump.

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