This is less than ideal. Colorado has been a surprise team this season, reaching the Pac-12 championship game at 10-2, and currently ranked 9th in the country. There’s probably even a remote scenario in which they could get playoff consideration, too, though that would require a lot of help.

They’ll take on Washington this weekend for said PAC-12 title, but they’ll do it without two contributing players after they were involved in a fight outside a Boulder bar on Saturday. Normally when you hear that, you’re expecting to read that the teammates were involved in a scrap against a few locals or other people who hassled them while out. That’s certainly never ideal either, but being an athlete does put a bit of a target on the backs of players in public.

This is not that story, though, as it turns out. They were fighting with each other.

Via SB Nation:

The Boulder Daily Camera cited a police report that said receiver Jaleel Awini and tight end Chris Hill, both seniors, got into a fight outside a Boulder bar, which ended with Awini facing the drug charge and Hill facing the assault charge. The Boulder County Jail’s booking report shows Awini was booked Sunday morning but doesn’t mention Hill.

According to police, the two players were drinking at Boulder’s Walrus Saloon, and bouncers kicked out Awini “for being drunk,” the Camera wrote. Awini reportedly blamed Hill for his removal from the bar.

 After an argument, they fought, the police said. Also from the police report, as described by the Camera: Hill knocked Awini unconscious by punching him in the jaw, then ran away before bar staffers caught up with him. He “later told police he punched Awini because he was afraid Awini would punch him first,” the Camera wrote.
Awini is also apparently facing a drug possession charge. They’re rotation players for the Buffaloes, but that’s not nothing, and it’s also the sort of distraction that is not well-timed, considering what Colorado is playing for this weekend.
[SB Nation]

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