On Sunday, UMass guard Trey Davis scored 13 points on 4-16 shooting in a 77-76 Minutemen loss to Florida Gulf Coast. One Wednesday, he put up 40 points on 10-18 shooting in a 103-95 overtime win over New Orleans. So what changed?

Davis’ mother turned off his cell phone data, according to MassLive.com.

“Man, my mom turned my phone off after the game we just lost,” Davis, who made 18 straight free throws in Wednesday night’s win, said. “She was mad. Talking about my free throws and all this other stuff.

“She said ‘Why are you missing free throws and all these jump shots?’ So she just turned my phone off and she told me ‘Get it together.'”

Davis’ 40-point game apparently was enough to satisfy his mother and convince her to restore full cell phone access.

The cell phone ban was some pretty brilliant motivation from Davis’ mom. No college kid wants to walk around campus without the ability to text and call, and most kids in that situation would do whatever it took to get their phones back, even if that means scoring 40 points in a game. Plus, with no one to text, Davis probably got a good night sleep the night before Wednesday’s game.

Davis averages 19.5 points a game, which ranks fifth in the Atlantic 10 and 39th in the country, for 6-4 UMass.

We’ll have to monitor future correlation between his cell phone access and scoring output.


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