Given the way everything has gone in his brief stint as Jacksonville Jaguars head coach, a lot of people expect Urban Meyer to return to the college game sooner than later. And when we looked at the most likely places he might end up if he did decide that the NFL wasn’t for him, USC sure seemed like the most logical fit.

A once-great powerhouse in need of new leadership. A proven winner at multiple college football powerhouses across the nation. A conference that is ripe to be dominated by the right program. There might not be a better fit for Meyer to immediately jump ship and find comfort in than USC, which he once called “an elite, elite job.” The “obscurity” of the Pac-12 gives Meyer the chance to step back from the harshness of the NFL limelight and regain the power and structure he craves.

Well, just one day later, the USC Trojans have relieved head coach Clay Helton of his duties.

According to the statement, USC AD Mike Bohn says he will “actively and patiently pursue a coach who will deliver on the championship aspirations and expectations we all share for our football program.” You better believe that Urban Meyer, who won national championships at Florida and Ohio State, is at the top of that shortlist (in spite of any other shortcomings).

And naturally, college football fans see the writing on the wall from a mile away.

It’s funny but, assuming the season plays out the way we expect it to for the Jaguars, it’s probably true.


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