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USC athletic director Mike Bohn’s resignation sent shockwaves through the world of college sports on Friday afternoon. And as there generally is, it now seems there was more than meets the eye to his departure. While there was some internal criticism regarding his management of the Trojans’ athletic department, Ryan Kartje of The Los Angeles Times has revealed that the allegations of misconduct and reprehensible behavior go beyond that of his management style.

Bohn made inappropriate comments about the physical appearance of female colleagues, including remarks about their dress, hair and weight, that staff members said made them feel uncomfortable, according to two USC sources with knowledge of the incidents. They spoke on condition of anonymity fearing retaliation. They said Bohn’s comments left colleagues — especially women — feeling awkward.

Three USC sources said several people confronted Bohn about comments they felt were inappropriate, but they continued.

In speaking with multiple sources, the Times reported that concerns were raised about Bohn’s management of the athletic department. Not only did Bohn miss the occasional meeting that he was supposed to be in attendance for, but he didn’t show his face at events like multiple USC national championship victories.

But Bohn’s alleged misconduct is more than just being incapable of completing the daily requirements of his position. The Times dug a bit deeper and learned that there were concerns about Bohn’s conduct prior to his arrival in Southern California.

Bohn previously served as the athletic director at the University of Cincinnati. Per the Times, Cincinnati’s former head athletic trainer, Robb Williams, alleges that he saw Bohn make “unwanted physical contact with women on several occasions, including touching their shoulders or backs in a way that made them visibly uncomfortable.”

Williams wasn’t the only one who witnessed Bohn’s alleged horrible misdeeds.

Kim McGraw, who served as director of business affairs within Cincinnati athletics from 2009 to 2019, said she saw Bohn make unwanted physical contact with women, including squeezing their shoulders and putting his arm around them. She said the interactions she witnessed made “her skin crawl” and made the women visibly uncomfortable.

These allegations are pretty horrifying. It begs the question of how Bohn was able to get the job at Southern Cal, despite those in the athletic department sounding the alarm at Cincinnati. He is obviously no longer employed by USC, but his lasting image will have done ill effects and irreparable damage to the multiple athletic departments he “led.”

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