UTEP and FIU played on Thursday night in both men’s and women’s basketball. Strangely enough, both games followed similar scripts and had nearly identical endings – overtime buzzer beaters resulted in 88-87 final scores.

The first buzzer beater comes from UTEP’s Dominic Artis. In the second overtime, Artis managed to hit an impressive mid-range jumper for the win. With the Miners riding a 13-game losing streak, getting a buzzer beater victory in a prolonged game must have felt incredibly sweet.

FIU exacted some revenge in the women’s matchup against the Miners. In even more impressive fashion, the Panthers went to overtime against UTEP and trailed by a single point after the Miners hit a jumper with just seconds left on the clock. Kristian Hudson of the Panthers got the ball on the inbound, went up to half court, and heaved a prayer – which was answered – as she sunk the shot for the win.

Both teams managed to pull off 88-87 victories in extra frames. It’s sort of perfect that with identical scores and dramatic victories, the Panthers and Miners each earned a win. It’s basketball symmetry. It wouldn’t be fair if both wins went to one team. Both schools can enjoy the fact they were given a buzzer beater win and had a victory taken away. Sports are awesome.


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