A bizarre Ferris State touchdown against Valdosta State in the D2 championship game.

The NCAA Division II championship game Saturday was absolutely wild, with the Valdosta State Blazers eventually beating the Ferris State Bulldogs 49-47 after the Bulldogs failed on a late two-point conversion that would have tied the game. That gave Valdosta State their fourth national title overall and their first since 2012, and also ended Ferris State’s 15-0 run this year. But the Bulldogs came real close here, with help from one of the most ridiculous touchdowns you’ll ever see.

Late in he third quarter, with Ferris State down 42-31 and facing third and 10 from the Valdosta State 18, Bulldogs’ QB Jayru Campbell rolled left under pressure and threw on the run, lobbing a desperate pass towards the end zone. (Or maybe even a throwaway that didn’t make it far enough.) Two Blazers’ players were in the area, and DB Cory Roberts went up to make the catch. However, he seemed to realize he was coming down out of bounds, and rather than land out of bounds or knock the ball down to set up a fourth down, he pushed it back inbounds in hope a teammate would get there to force a turnover. Instead, it was Ferris State receiver Keyondre Craig who was there to catch it for a touchdown:

“How did that happen?” indeed. Here’s a look at the replay:

That’s quite the “No, no, no, no, YES!” moment for Ferris State players and fans. And if Valdosta State had lost this, it would be a hard one for Roberts and their fans to forget. And they almost did; the Bulldogs all but overcame an 11-point deficit in the final six minutes, getting a field goal with 5:31 left and then a touchdown with 40 seconds left, but their two-point conversion trick play led to an incomplete pass.

That was awfully close. In the end, though, it was Valdosta State that prevailed, and this touchdown will just go down as an embarrassing moment instead of a play that lost the Blazers the national title.

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