Successful trick plays are always fun. Whenever they work, they make you think “why don’t teams run them more often?” And whenever they fail (which is almost always) they make you think “WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY TRY THAT!?!”

This is one of the good plays.

What you have there is Colorado receiver Bryce Bobo taking a backwards pass, faking a quick run, and then hitting running back Phillip Lindsay (who had feigned blocking before leaking out on a wheel route.)

That’s beautiful, and Bobo has a hell of an arm to be able to throw it back across the field (and across his body) like that.

Of course, you might know Bryce Bobo from his insane one-handed game-winning catch earlier this season:

That’s a talented man.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, as the Buffaloes fell to USC 21-17. But they will always have that highlight!

[PAC-12 Network]

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