While the Cincinnati Bearcats have never been a football giant, they have been respectable enough of a program where many players have gone pro and many coaches have gone on to do bigger and better things.

One would have to assume when Tommy Tuberville joined the Bearcats as their head coach, he would use it as stepping stone to a job in a Power 5 conference. Tuberville started off strong, leading the team to back-to back 9-4 seasons,. But as he begun to bring in his own players, the team has begun to falter.

It has all culminated in one of the weirder exchanges you’ll see from a coach.

“Go to hell.” “Get a job.”

These are insults you would normally hear from someone in the last row at the very top of the stadium. Not from a head football coach after a loss to BYU. The comments are quite tame; they could’ve been much, much worse.

For those wondering, the fan was yelling at Tuberville that he was “stealing from the university”. Presumably they don’t enjoy that he is still employed by Cincinnati.

As Tuberville’s team continues to flounder, it has him placed at a crossroads with the school. Will he continue to toil in mediocrity or will we see old school Tuberville that led Auburn to an undefeated season?

If this season is any indication, don’t expect much more from the “Riverboat Gambler”.

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