The Michigan Wolverines were up 34-0, but Jim Harbaugh wanted to go for the kill. So on 4th and 1, Harbaugh called for a fake punt near midfield.

The call was for a direct snap, but the ball was fumbled on the snap and recovered by Illinois (not that that really matters on fourth down). Regardless, Harbaugh was going for it by any means necessary, regardless of how it looks.

Going for a fake punt up 34 against a team with no chance to come back on you is a pretty low move, but it is certainly nothing new in college football. Harbaugh likes to keep his foot on the gas, and this bizarre decision proves that. Illinois couldn’t have been happy about it, and Harbaugh will have to deflect some criticism over the call in the coming days. But he drinks whole milk and will be ready to shrug aside any complaints you may have about this.

In hindsight, maybe Harbaugh was actually throwing Lovie Smith a bone by trying to give the Illini at least a chance to sniff a score. As it turned out, Illinois did score a touchdown once they took over on offense.

It was still not the worst punt we have seen this week in college football…

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