jose fernandez

In the latest evidence that college kids are all irredeemable idiots, here’s a sign displayed at Virginia Tech on Thursday, hours ahead of the Hokies’ game against Miami:


Jose Fernandez, the Miami Marlins’ pitcher killed in a boating accident in September, has been dead less than a month and we’re already cracking jokes? That is what you might call, toooo soon.

That Virginia Tech Barstool account didn’t express any indignation at the sign, but the main Barstool account called it “over the line” (while still attaching the photo and reaping the retweets), which is how you know it’s bad.


The sign is offensive on so many levels. From joking around about someone’s tragic death to implying physical harm to an opposing football team, it’s just gross all-around.

It’s kind of amusing that they tried to cover themselves by adding “RIP,” to the end. Not how it works, guys.

Maybe it figures that if you combine the over-the-top tribalism of football fans with the general senselessness of college kids, you get a wildly offensive sign.

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