Virginia Tech tried a field goal on Friday against Old Dominion. The result was one of the worst field goal attempts you'll ever see.

When thinking of the worst things that can happen on a field goal attempt, something like a blocked field goal getting returned for a touchdown or a kick-six will usually come to mind. And while those require mistakes from the kicking team, they also require great plays from the opposing team. Virginia Tech’s disastrous field goal attempt during Friday’s game against Old Dominion was a different story.

Leading 10-7 late in the first half, the Hokies lined up for a 38-yard field goal. When the play ended, the Monarchs were in the end zone. So, what happened? Quite simply, one of the most disastrous field goal attempts in college football history.

Where do we even start here? Bad snaps happen. But this ball was not only well above the holder’s head but landed several yards behind where the kicker was standing. Still, the Virginia Tech holder had a chance to cut his team’s losses by falling on the ball. But his attempt to do that went horribly awry. We’ve already seen some spectacular special teams bloopers this season, but it’s hard to imagine a play being botched any worse than this one.

College football fans had a lot of fun with this one.

Strong special teams play was a hallmark of Virginia Tech during Frank Beamer’s tenure as head coach from 1987-2015. That was a fundamental part of Beamerball. So, if you’re a longtime fan of the Hokies, this play might have shocked your system a little bit.

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