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The Washington Huskies softball team made news on Friday.

Washington announced that the softball team would rock new pinstripe jerseys this season. The Huskies debuted the jerseys to plenty of fanfare on Twitter.

“A modern take on a classic look. Introducing our new pinstripe uniform, coming to a field near you soon. #MightyAreTheWomen,” Washington Softball tweeted.

The video featured a close-up look at the new uniforms. They feature a white jersey, purple pinstripes, a purple script font with a gold border, and a number below to the right. They also feature their 30th Anniversary patch and the classic adidas logo.

Credit: Washington Softball

The account also posted a closer look at the jersey in a series of photos.

All told it’s a really spiffy-looking jersey. The Huskies’ colors really blend well together and make for a great pinstriped look when using their signature purple color.

The college softball world raved about the jerseys after the team posted the video.

“How does one acquire one of these with a No. 8 on it? Asking for the president of the Klingler fan club,” said Brady Vernon of D1Softball.

A fan claimed they had a “new favorite uniform.”

UW Dawg Pound were left in awe.

Mike Vorel of the Seattle Times said it’s “hard to beat that script type + pinstripe combo.”

It’s not known when the Washington softball team will debut the jerseys. But when they do, expect them to look as clean as they do in the video.

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