Wednesday was Ohio State’s last practice before playing Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl on Friday, and the field goal unit was hard at work, practicing kicks and whatnot just like usual, when…


That would be co-offensive coordinator Ed Warinner wandering absentmindedly into a field goal attempt.

The kick probably could have been a little higher, but come on, coach, what did you think was going to happen when you walked right in front of the guy swinging his leg into the ball?

Maybe next time Warinner can leave the field goal instruction to the special teams coach?

Luckily, Warinner is apparently fine, and you’ve got to love the thought of Cardale Jones chasing down the video coordinator to get his hands on the tape of his coach getting drilled in the head.

Apparently this was all the fault of kicker Sean Nuernberger, who apologized on Twitter.

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