It’s amazing how often we see football players not know the rules of football and South Carolina State return man Ahmaad Harris is just the latest example.

Things were already not going to well for SC State in their visit to Clemson on Saturday. Trailing 14-0, the Bulldogs were receiving a first quarter kickoff. Harris caught the ball deep in the endzone and was ready to take the touchback and bring the ball out to the 25 yard line.

Except for the fact that Harris never actually took a knee to down the ball. He just caught it and tossed it to an obviously puzzled referee. It was only then when Harris seemed to realize the error of his ways, but it was too late as Clemson recovered for one of the most bizarre touchdowns you’ll see in college football.

Even the announcers tried to grasp a way to find an explanation for a play where there really wasn’t one.

This blooper reel play comes just a week after Clemson’s Ray-Ray McCloud dropped the ball before the goalline, giving up what would have been a touchdown in the same stadium. There’s just some weird, American Horror Story Season 6 kind of stuff going on at Clemson this year when it comes to strange touchdowns.

[Video via ESPN]