Weight limits are listed in elevators for a reason, and a group of USC offensive linemen found out the hard way.

As David Lombardi of ESPN.com reports, eight Trojans’ offensive linemen were on their way to dinner with their line coach when all of them decided to cram into a single elevator. The elevators capacity was 2,500 pounds, and the linemen greatly exceeded that number by “about 700 pounds.” Predictably, the elevator got stuck.

“We were on the fifth floor and it got stuck in between the fourth and fifth floors,” Jordan Austin told ESPN, one of the linemen aboard, said. “We didn’t make it very far.”

Fortunately for us, 6’9”, 360-pound tackle Zach Banner recorded the whole ordeal on video.

“We’re screwed, help us,” Banner pled as he and his teammates were packed like sardines in a tin can.

“It’s the fire department,” Banner whispers as the group of large men are given water through the open elevator door.

With temperatures inside the elevator on the rise, delusion started to set in.

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