A great flag football catch from Keiser University's Kennedy Foster.

Are you a football fan wondering where you’ll get your fix of big moments and great plays with Super Bowl LVI over? We’d suggest watching Keiser University’s women’s flag football team.

Yes, you read that correctly. Katie Sowers, a coach with the Kansas City Chiefs, posted a catch from Wednesday night’s game between Keiser and Midland University. The catch was made by Keiser’s Kennedy Foster. Here’s that catch.

Foster definitely earned that fancy endzone dance. That is one of the greatest catches you will ever see at any level of football. That is not hyberbole.

The catch was reminiscent of one of the career highlights of new Super Bowl Champion, Odell Beckham Jr. As far as who had the better grab, you can decide for yourself.

Foster’s grab caught the attention of some people on Twitter.

This was one of four touchdown receptions in Keiser’s 41-0 victory in the game.

If nothing else, Keiser’s quarterbacks have to feel pretty confident with any passes they throw Foster’s way. After seeing this, if Foster can get her hands on a pass, there’s every reason to believe she’ll haul it in. As far as any defensive backs that might have to line up against her, we can only extend our best wishes.

[Screengrab via Katie Sowers on Twitter]

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