Wayne Selden's uncle

When Wayne Selden practically ended the life of poor Baylor defender Ish Wainwright with a dunk that will forever live in internet lore, we figured it couldn’t be topped. That is, until Wayne Selden’s uncle got some camera time seconds later.

Anthony Pitts Jr. brought a Flava Flav clock with him to the game, which for him is nothing new, since he makes one for every game. The dunk brought the best out of him, and he talked to ESPN about his reaction after the game.

It was emotional, I mean, I grew hair,” said Pitts, who is bald. Or then again, maybe the worst.

“He’s crazy,” Selden said. “I love him. But he’s crazy. He has fun with it.”

“Last time I seen a dunk like that, he was 13,” Pitts said. “I was like ‘Wow.’ That’s my guy. I love him to death and I just want him to be happy.”

So if you thought last night was crazy, now Pitts has to top that tonight when Kansas plays in the Big 12 Championship Game against West Virginia.

“Ya’ll got me hype,” Pitts said as reporters surrounded him after the game. “I might go get a big one with a mirror. I might overdo it tomorrow.”

Overdo it? We need a camera on Pitts and constant Brent Musberger commentary on him, all night.

And if you missed the dunk, or the reaction from Selden’s uncle, check it out.


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