On Tuesday, Netflix dropped a trailer for a film called Home Team, which appears to chronicle New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton’s year away from the NFL due to a suspension in which he worked as an assistant coach for his son’s sixth-grade football team.

That’d be all well and good except for the fact that the film stars Kevin James as Payton, which is certainly a choice.

Not only is James starring at Payton, whom he only vaguely resembles and only when sitting down behind a desk, but the film comes from the Happy Madison production team, which means it’s going to have a very specific brand of humor. Though it’s not as if you couldn’t tell by the inclusion of Rob Schneider and some excessive gross-out gags.

Don’t expect the film to be a hard-hitting expose of the BountyGate scandal. Instead, it promises to be a family film that is made confusing by its references to actual people, NFL franchises, and a real-world story that’s infinitely darker and more interesting than whatever this has ended up becoming.

While we wait for the film to hit Netflix on January 28, the reaction on social media to seeing Sean Payton portrayed by Kevin James, as well as seeing BountyGate turned into a light-hearted romp, was certainly animated.

We can only imagine what’s the reaction is going to be when Netflix puts out its SpyGate movie starring Adam Sandler as Bill Belichick.


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