James Harrison is 39 years old and works out much more and harder than you ever will. Harrison of course has to do that to stay in the NFL. Another option would be steroids, but Harrison doesn’t appear to be doing those.

How do we know Harrison isn’t taking performance-enhancing drugs? We don’t. But the thing is, if he was, he likely would’ve failed one of the THREE drug tests he’s gone through this offseason.


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As weird as those Instagrams are, it’s a nice break from the typical “SUMMER BODDDDD” Instagrams populating everyone’s feeds these days.

SB Nation pointed out this isn’t necessarily that new of a story for Harrison either when you look back at his past couple years in the league.

In December of 2016, Harrison posted that he had been tested six or seven times during the past year. This of course is a result of the NFL’s “random” drug testing.

The veteran linebacker has never been suspended for performance-enhancing drugs during his NFL career. He has been suspended once for game conduct: a one-game suspension in 2011 for a helmet-to-helmet hit.

While Harrison may be getting annoyed by his consistent random drug tests, he should be thankful he’s not tested as often as Eric Thames is.

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