The Houston Texans are unsurprisingly struggling and when you’re 1-8 and your franchise quarterback isn’t playing because he not only wants to be traded but also has 22 lawsuits against him for various forms of sexual misconduct and assault, you tend to throw things against the wall to see if it sticks.

Even though the Texans’ QB situation isn’t exactly great, the team made a change and shifted one of their quarterbacks to tight end. It was revealed by Texans tight end coach Andy Bischoff via The Athletic’s Aaron Reiss that Jeff Driskel is going to be a tight end.

Driskel was promoted to the active roster in October after being signed to the practice squad. Before joining the Texans, Driskel was one of the Denver Broncos quarterbacks who came down with COVID and caused the Broncos to not have a quarterback against the Saints last season. Driskel was then fined for violating protocols.

With Driskel moving to tight end, it brought up a rather random factoid. Driskel is the third quarterback from the University of Florida to switch to tight end this year. Tim Tebow switched to tight end when he came back to football and play for the Jaguars while Feleipe Franks of the Falcons made the switch toward the beginning of the season. If you want to go back even further, Jordan Reed and Trey Burton were recruited as quarterbacks to Florida and switched to tight end while in college.

It’s very likely Driskel moving to tight end won’t be the catalyst that fuels Houston’s success but they got nothing to lose so they may as well try.

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