A.J. Brown trolled the Titans hard on Sunday

The Tennessee Titans struggled offensively during Sunday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs, particularly in the passing game. Tennessee completed only five passes on the night, with none being caught by a wide receiver. A.J. Brown, the Pro Bowl receiver who was traded by the Titans to the Philadelphia Eagles was well aware of his former team’s struggles and seemed to enjoy them.

Late in the game, Brown tweeted out a gif of a man looking at his phone and laughing with the caption “Ain’t nobody open.”

Brown’s tweet caught the eye of a lot of people in the NFL world. The majority of those people supported Brown’s message.

Of course, the tweet wasn’t universally beloved. Some in the NFL world didn’t particularly appreciate it.

Regardless of what you might think about Brown making the comments, he’s not wrong. Brown has thrived with the Eagles since the start of the season. In eight games, he’s caught 43 passes for 716 yards with six touchdown receptions.

The Titans, meanwhile, have gotten anemic production from their wide receivers.

So, you can hate the messenger all you want but that doesn’t change his message. The Titans are missing Brown a lot more than he’s missing them.

[A.J. Brown on Twitter]

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