Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers did not hold back on Tuesday when he called out the Green Bay Packers’ group of young receivers. But even if he can’t trust his inexperienced receivers this season, it sounds like Rodgers has a plan for the Packers’ passing game: throwing the ball to the running backs.

Rodgers had quite the bold prediction for both Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon on Tuesday, suggesting that each of the two running backs could have 50 or more catches this season.

“I think 50 is really realistic. I think 50 for both of those guys is realistic,” Rodgers said, according to USA Today.

It sounds like the two running backs will be the focal point of the Green Bay offense this season with Rodgers even suggesting that the team could employ two-back formations this season.

“We’re going to have to use him and 28,” Rodgers said. “You’ve seen today, we had them in multiple packages where they’re both in the backfield. We have a lot of stuff out of that. We have runs to both of them. We have swing passes to them. We have screens. We have down-the-field stuff. We have action stuff. We have scat protection. We have six-man, seven-man protection stuff. There’s a lot in the offense for those two guys. We’ve got to get out best 11 on the field, and it seems like those two are in our best 11.”

Last season, Jones and Dillon combined for 2,306 total yards and 17 touchdowns. It sure sounds like we can expect them to at least match that production this season.

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