Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan mock Joe Biden

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has returned from the Green Bay Packers’ bye week, and it sounds like he took one heck of a trip.

Rodgers made his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon where he was asked by former teammate A.J. Hawk if he fears death, a question the NFL quarterback predictably had a detailed answer for.

“I definitely had the fear of death,” Rodgers said, recalling the fear of Y2K that he witnessed earlier in life. “Ayahuasca and psilocybin actually really helped me with that and alleviated a lot of the stress around the idea of needing to accomplish things before I actually die and has kinda taken away some of that fear. I think when you’ve seen the other side, it makes the idea of death more of a passage and less of an ending.”

McAfee raised an eyebrow after hearing Rodgers casually mention seeing the other side, prompting him to interject with a follow-up question.

“Hold on,” McAfee abruptly said. “Did you just say ayahuasca makes you see the other side? You just said you saw death, is that what I just heard there?”

“Well you definitely see the other side, yeah,” Rodgers answered definitively. “I’m not talking about life and death, I’m talking about the veil between the seen world and the unseen world.”

Oh. The Green Bay Packers quarterback didn’t experience death, he just experienced the veil between worlds after drinking ayahuasca, which he demands we refer to as a plant, not a drug. Got it.

Considering some of the theories he’s spewed in recent years, we probably shouldn’t be surprised by Rodgers’ answer, yet it was still surprising to hear the four-time NFL MVP laugh at the face of death by claiming to have seen the other side.

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