Hello, and welcome to a foray into the wonderful world of celebrity/athlete dating rumors. Please go ahead and have a seat, your complimentary grains of salt can be found underneath your chairs.

Today’s subject: Aaron Rodgers, recently out of a much-publicized relationship with actress Olivia Munn, was rumored (again, rumored) to be seen out with driver Danica Patrick.

That’s thanks to Terez Owens:

Green Bay Packers superstar QB Aaron Rodgers season may be over, and his off-season is just getting underway. Start your engines! This is from our source. “Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick were spotted at Aaron’s favorite restaurant in Green Bay after Christmas. An onlooker said that Danica and Aaron were all over each other, kissing and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Danica didn’t waste anytime moving on from Ricky Stenhouse. This is on the extreme down low, as they both want to keep this quiet for now. It’s early but they are really hitting it off” says our source.

And hey, more power to them, if this rumor does indeed pan out. Patrick is also recently single, as Terez Owens mentioned, and they’re certainly both famous, fit, and attractive. But the worst part about all of this is the incessant rumor mill that will inevitably pop up. With the Olivia Munn saga, it even led to the infamous stories of Aaron Rodgers not speaking to his family thanks to her.

So if you’re Aaron Rodgers, why would you date Danica Patrick?

Well, probably for the same reason most celebrities date other celebrities: because they can.

Was Rodgers talking about Danica Patrick tonight while taking in the Wisconsin men’s basketball home game in Madison alongside Andy North?

We can only hope so.

[Terez Owens]

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