Aaron Rodgers

When Aaron Rodgers announced that he was planning to go on an isolation retreat that involved four days of complete darkness, many around the NFL world understandably thought the move was a little bit odd. But as it turns out, retreats like this might be quite a lot more popular than people might expect.

Aaron Rodgers completed his retreat at Sky Cave on Wednesday – a facility on hundreds of acres of forested land in southern Oregon. And according to the owner Scott Berman, he simply cannot meet the demand of everybody who wishes to participate in a darkness retreat on his properties.

“Berman said the room in which Rodgers spent his time is a partially underground, Hobbit-like structure with 300 square feet of space, devoid of light, with a queen bed, a bathroom and a meditation-like mat on the floor. It is fully powered, so at any point, the lights can be turned on from inside the room,” Xuan Thai wrote for ESPN. “The retreat has three dark rooms and is booked for the next 18 months, Berman said, with a waitlist in the hundreds. Seven more rooms are planned to help accommodate the demand.”

So if you want to follow in Rodgers’ footsteps, you’ll have to wait behind hundreds of other people.