NFL training camps are filled with unique quarterback challenges and games that help signal callers get through the long days of summer. And every now and then there’s a piece of viral footage that arises that shows us why quarterbacks get all that money and attention.

Take Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for instance. We know Rodgers is one of the best to play the game at the moment and maybe one of the best ever to play the position. But how incredible is this skill, non-chalantly throwing a football 50 yards downfield and landing it in a basket with perfection?

That’s not just a 15 or 25 yard throw. That flew halfway down the field with a flick of the wrist! How many times would that take the average person to do – 50? 100? Never?

Rodgers made arguably the best throw in the NFL last season in the Packers’ playoff game with the Dallas Cowboys running towards the sidelines and throwing a laser beam that led to a famous victory. I don’t think anyone was concerned about him losing his touch in the prime of his career, but it seems like he’s in true mid-season form in early August.

[NFL Brazil via FTW]